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Born in Nairobi in 1969 and a third generation Kenyan, Gordie is dubbed as one of the up-and-coming ‘young-turks’ in the safari business.  He is somewhat unique in that his professional guiding abilities span a diverse spectrum of activities.  Not only is he the most experienced and competent guide of horseback safaris, but he has also gained invaluable experience leading photographic safaris.  He is licensed by the Kenya Wildlife Service to escort bird hunting parties, has co-guided palaeo-anthropological trips with the Leakey family and is a competent and ethical professional hunter in Tanzania.

With such a background, he has a natural and very real understanding of the indigenous people and their environment.  Any safari involves close interaction with local tribesmen to whom much of the wilderness belongs and it is with Gordie that one can experience this relationship firsthand.

Gordie is Managing Director of Safaris Unlimited (Africa) Ltd – an exclusive and distinguished company started by his father Tony in 1971.  Gordie’s education spanned from childhood adventures on safari with his father, to obtaining an Honours Degree in Wildlife Management from the Royal Agricultural College, England.

The future is bright as far as he is concerned - so much more to learn, discover and share with his guests in the wild corners of Africa.

When not on safari, he is otherwise found exploring the remote regions of the Albertine Rift, The Northern Frontier District of Kenya and the vast wilderness areas of central and western Tanzania.


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