The KPSGA provides a simple, inexpensive and voluntary certification process for driver-guides, giving awards to Bronze, Silver and Gold standards through an examination process.  KPSGA aims to be self-financing through charging an annual membership fee to its members, maintaining a small permanent staff, and keeping annual costs to a minimum.

KPSGA Membership Benefits

Paid up members of KPSGA receive the following benefits:

  • Industry-wide recognition of knowledge and guiding standards
    • Employers often look for KPSGA membership & levels on candidate's CV's
    • Many employers offer salary increments based on KPSGA level/badge advancement
    • Many international operators want KPSGA guides for their clients
    • KPSGA levels are sought-after by guides from neighbouring countries
  • KPSGA is the only guides association that offers voluntary examinations that provide guides with the opportunity for recognition of the advance of their knowledge and skills throughout their career
  • The Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) requires a letter from a registered guides assocation (or employer) as one of the requirements to get the TRA Class E License.  Paid up members of KPSGA are issued this letter at no cost. This is especially useful for freelance guides and owner-operators.
  • KPSGA is the only guides association member of the powerful Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), through which it lobbies relevant government ministries for guides and the tour guiding subsector. 
  • KPSGA members are able to access special 'Sustainable Ecotourism' training through an MoU we have with Green Tour Kenya
  • KPSGA members have free access to a continuously growing online resource library, with PDF books, articles, journals, diagrams, video clips, and a number of other resources. 
  • KPSGA offers regular "Be A Better Guide" coffee mornings and "Guiding Skills Workshops" where members receive in-depth learning from experts in their specific fields.  This is offered free of charge to paid-up members.
  • KPSGA members are provided free access to a growing portfolio of online lectures specific to guiding in Kenya, presented by our Gold level members and other experts in specific fields. 
  • KPSGA members receive news and notifications of events and developments in the tourism industry through email and social media
  • KPSGA members receive an annual newsletter, with contributions from members
  • Administrative & Legal Support

Approval by KWS and other bodies

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Board has approved the KPSGA as the organisation to be responsible for certification of Kenyan driver-guides.  KWS works closely with KPSGA on monitoring the certification process and on enforcing sanctions where necessary.  KWS also gives support in the form of office space at KWS headquarters.

KPSGA will continue to operate in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife (MOTW), the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) KWS, KTF, the National Museums of Kenya (NMK), and various relevant county governments.  The exams are held at the KWS headquarters Nairobi Safari Walk with representatives of KWS and the Exam Committee in attendance.   KWS and KATO, as driving forces in the industry, have also given significant financial support, and the MOTW, KATO and KWS are represented on the main Board.


Bronze member     :  KES 2,500/- per year* 

Silver member       :  KES 3,500/- per year*

Gold member        :  KES 4,000/- per year*

*NB: These fees above do NOT include the exam fees.  Please see the Exams Information Page for the exam fee structure