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Born and raised in Kenya, and having taken every opportunity to go on safari, camping, and hiking from a young age, I have developed a deep connection to East Africa’s wilderness areas. A safari with me is defined by my wide-eyed wonder at the natural world, from hopping through muddy puddles catching frogs to slowly roving a riverbank searching for an elusive leopard. When I am not guiding or working from the office, I often pack a tent in the car and head off on safari with my family or friends.

I hold a Gold level badge with the KPSGA, a “Level 2” qualification with the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA), and a “Level 3 Track & Sign” qualification with Cybertracker, a non-profit network and qualification framework for wildlife trackers. These widely-recognized qualifications have provided me with useful tools to interpret the signs and behaviours of wildlife we encounter on safari.

A privately guided safari is the best way to see Africa's wild places, away from the crowds, with a knowledgeable guide who has helped you design your itinerary from the start. A private guide is a host, an ambassador, an interpreter of the natural world, and a logistician ensuring a trip runs smoothly from start to finish. I have been involved in running these safaris for over 12 years, and I relish the whole process, from the initial contact to the follow-up at the end of your trip.