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Peter is a Naturalist, Photographer and a Gold rated safari guide by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. (KPSGA). He has spent over 20 years exploring East Africa as a guide, and is recognized for leading highly personalized trips into the most remote and wildlife-rich areas. Peter is widely traveled in the region and in America. In November 2019, he launched his book African Treasure – co-authored with Dr. Lawrence J. Broutman in Chicago, and has since been invited for speaking engagements this June 2020 at the Portland Oregon Zoo, Columbus Zoo in Ohio, and Desert Botanical gardens in Phoenix Arizona.

He is a member of Nature Kenya and Kenya Museum society, and won the society’s top volunteer award – a cast of “Homo erectus” skull dating back to 1.5 million years in the year 2000. Peter is one of the few guides leading archaeological and anthropological trips in the region. The Christian Children’s Fund, now (Child Fund), assisted him as a beneficiary through his high school years. In 2003, he founded Nyashep Education Trust as a give back to society. This community program has made it possible for many bright children from poor backgrounds to access and acquire quality high school and college education.