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Ninian Lowis of Lowis & Leakey has lived in Kenya all his life. The son of one of East Africa’s most respected guides and Yasuyo Lowis a known Japanese writer, he spent much of his boyhood in wild and remote areas. His upbringing gave him a life long interest in Africa’s wildlife, people and places, as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of the bush. After gaining an Honours degree in Environmental Biology at Oxford Brookes University, Ninian returned to Africa. Running safaris gave him a way to get out into the wilderness that he loves so much. Running safaris enabled him to be in the wilderness that he loves so much. As well as operating adventure and luxury safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, he has led boat trips up the Omo River in southern Ethiopia, taken groups to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, tracked gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda and Uganda and guided guests in Southern Africa. His work with Dr Meave Leakey instilled a lasting interest in paleoanthropology and human evolution. Over 25 years of experience in the bush, as well as his extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna found in Africa, has earned Ninian a loyal following. Departing guests often remark on his boundless energy and passion. As a guest recently wrote of her trip with Ninian: “ Kenya through your eyes has been an extraordinary experience – certainly the most exciting of my life! You have a wonderful way of communicating your vast knowledge and enthusiasm.” After 25 years in the safari business, ten of which were spent as a senior partner and Director of Ker & Downey Safaris, Ninian continues to pursue his passion to be the best safari operator on the continent. Ninian lives near Nairobi with his wife Lara Leakey their son Jamey and daughter Amelia. Lara assists with the planning and organization of Lowis & Leakey safaris. Together they will work with you to design an adventure that suits your preferences. Together with their crew, they make a great team, sharing the best of Africa with their guests.