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My guiding career started as a teenager with my father in the 1980’s, from a vehicle, while on foot, and also on horseback. It was from my father that I learned the highly personalized art of guiding. Being a retired professional hunter, in addition to all the valuable insights to guiding from a vehicle, I also learned from him valuable information about foot safaris, the subtle signs to be aware of when close to dangerous animals, and all about firearms. Being an experienced horseman, I have also applied this knowledge to guiding safaris on horseback.

In 1998 I created Onsafari (K) Ltd. The emphasis of these safaris are on finding, observing, photographing and learning about the great variety of wildlife, birdlife and cultures in Africa. This is done through a combination of luxury mobile camping in remote destinations, combined with comfortable stays at small exclusive private lodges. I lead safaris to a wide variety of habitats throughout Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and other Southern African countries. The safaris I guide are custom designed for the more discerning travellers, with a desire to get away from the mass market style package tours and into the wilderness areas. They are all focused on high quality, educational experiences.