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Andreas Fox was born and raised in Kenya and has been organizing and guiding safaris since he was a teenager. He ended up qualifying as a lawyer in the United Kingdom, but it was the bush and desire to get into formal conservation work that lured him back.

His career began on a research project in South Africa’s greater Kruger conservation area, studying big cats. In the years of tracking, monitoring, and collecting data on cheetah, leopard and lion, Andreas went onto managing a variety of research sites across the region. All the while, he was privately self-studying the Southern African guiding qualifications and would guide trips whenever he could.
In his time off, Andreas would join guiding mentors on week-long wilderness trails in the famed Makuleke section of northern Kruger National Park. It was there and across the Limpopo River, in eastern Botswana, that he cut his teeth as a qualified walking ‘Trails’ guide, with a special affinity for elephants. From initial invitations as a specialist guide and guest lecturer at field guiding schools, Andreas eventually moved into teaching full-time – specifically the Field Guide Association of South Africa curriculum and training prospective walking guides. Eventually, the desire to come home to Kenya got the better of him. In the years since,

Andreas has been active in the merging of Kenyan and Southern African guiding principles. Andreas is the first guide in Africa with both the Kenyan Professional Safari Guide Association’s ‘Gold’ level certification as well as the FGASA ‘Level 3 Professional Guide’ qualification. In 2016, Andreas was invited to join The Original Ker & Downey Safaris as an associate and became a partner and director in 2020.

Andreas sits on the board of the Kenya Wildlife Trust and has led various conservation initiatives with his clients, including the integration of music and Web3 technologies into safaris and fundraising strategies. Developing a reputation for conservation-focused safaris, he takes all his guests on immersive adventures across sub-Saharan Africa. Considering his roots in the industry, he will always try to get people out on foot, to safely track and approach game as well as exploring nuances of an ecosystem.