To be signed by every Member of the KPSGA on admission.

  1. GENERAL Every Member of the Association shall:
    1. Observe the highest standards of professional conduct.
    2. Do nothing to bring the Association, it's Members or the profession of safari guiding into disrepute.
  2. LAWS AND REGULATIONS Every Member of the Association shall:
    1. familiarise himself with; and
    2. comply with; and
    3. take all reasonable steps to ensure that all clients whom he is guiding comply with;
      • all applicable laws, codes, regulations, rules, directives, and orders made from time to time by Parliament, the Ministry responsible for Tourism and Wildlife, the KPSGA, the Kenya Wildlife Service, a County Government, Group Ranch, private landowners, World Tourist Organisation, or any other authority covering the area in which he is operating.
  3. GENERAL RULES Every Member of the Association shall, and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all clients whom he is guiding shall, in any area containing wildlife, but to which no specific rules apply:
    1. not disturb any animal (whether by making unnecessary noise, flashing lights, getting closer than 20 metres, sudden movement or in any other way)
    2. not inconvenience nor disturb other visitors
    3. not drive on a road which is closed
    4. not discard any litter (except in a receptacle provided for the purpose)
    5. not discard any burning object nor create any fire hazard
    6. drive carefully at all times
    7. not drive faster than 40 Kph (or the applicable speed limit)
    8. not stand up on the roof, or any external surface of the vehicle, at any time
    9. enter and leave the area only through an authorised entrance or exit and move only within the authorised hours
    10. not cause any unnecessary or undue damage to the environment, whether by ruining vegetation, structures, signposts, or in any other manner.
    11. not enter any area closed to the public
    12. not take any pets into the area
    13. use integrity, honesty and fairness at all times particularly when dealing with local communities
    14. respect local culture, traditions and customs
    15. not take pictures of any person without their consent and always observe the rules of common decency and respect
    16. not feed any animal
  4. DISCIPLINE  Every Member of the Association shall:
    1. submit to the jurisdiction of, and comply with any order issued by, the Disciplinary Committee of the Association
    2. treat any complaint made against him by any person as privileged
  5. BADGES ETC. Every Member of the Association:
    1. Acknowledges that any badge, certificate, plate or membership card issued to him by the Association remains the property of the Association
    2. Shall display the badge at all times while operating as a guide prominently on the upper portion of the front of his/her body.
    3. Immediately return the badge, certificate, plate or membership card issued to him by the Association if he is suspended from membership or when his membership ceases. The cost of the badge will not be refunded.
  6. INDICATION OF MEMBERSHIP Every bronze, silver and gold member of the Association may indicate that he is a member of this Association by using after his name, and by using only, the letter 'KPSGA'.