Kenya Guide Licensing Legal Framework

In order to operate legally as a guide in Kenya, guides must posess a valid 'Tour Guide License' issued by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). These can be issued any time during the year, but are only valid until 31st December of the same year, so we suggest our members apply early each year (January).  This application is done in person at your nearest TRA office/HQ.

The TRA Tour Guide License is issued upon application with the following criteria:

  • TRA Class E Enterprises (Citizen Driver) Application form duly filled
  • Valid Kenya National ID
  • Current/Valid Police Clearance Certificate
  • Valid certificates/diplomas in 'Tour Guiding & Administration' from a recognized training institution
  • Recommendation letter from a recognized tour guides association (e.g. KPSGA) or employer
  • Application fee of KES 500/- for new applicants
  • License fee of KES 2,000/- per annum

Tourism Service Vehicle (TSV) Licenses are issued by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA). A valid TRA Class E Enterprise license, along with a valid drivers license.  This application is done online via the NTSA PSV/TSV Portal