Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is KPSGA?
    • The Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association is an independent non-profit making body created for the certification of Safari Driver Guides, Lodge Naturalists and other individuals within the Tourism Sector.  The KPSGA’s aim is to provide an effective, inexpensive and voluntary certification process giving awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold standards through an examination process.
  2. Who is eligible to take the Bronze Exam?
  3. How should I prepare for the Bronze Exam?
  4. How much are the exam fees?
  5. Are there any training providers that you recommend?
    • Yes, please see our page dedicated to training providers, where we recommend training providers for the following categories:
      • TRA-endorsed Certificate/Diploma in Tour Guiding Training Providers
      • Advanced Field Guide Training
      • Specialty Training
      • Online Courses
      • First Aid
  6. How much is the annual membership fee/subscription?
    • Bronze Membership: KES 2,500/- per year
    • Silver Membership: KES 3,500/- per year
    • Gold Membership: KES 4,000/- per year
  7. How do I benefit from becoming a KPSGA member?
  8. As a member, can I participate in decision-making for the association?
    • Yes. We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year in May, which all members are invited to attend. 
    • AGM's provide members with updates on decisions by the board, financial reports, spending, and the tour-guiding sub-sector overall. They are often attended by representatives of the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and other relevant bodies with which guides may interact.
    • AGM's provide an opportunity to see where your membership fees go, and to help steer the association in the direction best suited to its members.
  9. How do I go about getting a guides license to operate legally in Kenya?
  10. Can KPSGA help me find a job?

For any further queries to which you cannot find the answer here on the website, please contact our head office (see footer below)