• A Safari Guide To Kenya – Compiled by Tana Helfer Herbert (available from the KPSGA office for KES 1,800/-)
  • The Kenyan Safari Quiz Book - Leckie Nature Consultants (available from the KPSGA office for KES 1,750/-)
  • The East African Safari Quiz Book - Bogdan & Stefan Rozwadowski (unfortunately out of print)
  • Stuart’s Field Guide to the National Parks & Game Reserves of East Africa – Chris & Tilde Stuart
  • Secondary School Atlas
  • Form 1-4 Geography Text Books
  • Form 1-4 History Text Books


  • KPSGA Silver Syllabus  (Available at KPSGA head office for KES 1,300/-)
  • St John’s Ambulance First Aid Handbook
  • Pathfinder: Illustrated For Naturalists – Janesta Pullela 
  • Kenya: A Natural History – Stephen Spawls and Glenn Matthews 
  • The Wilderness Guardian – Tim Corfield 


  • All natural history books recommended. See official KPSGA Gold Level Prerequisites and preparation guide (available from KPSGA Head office via email)


*Every self-respecting guide should attempt to buy at least 1 bird book and 1 mammal book over the course of their career

**Many of these books are available at a very reasonable cost via the free Kindle App on Android & iOS.  This is a great option for books not available at Kenyan bookshops, and as a way to save weight on safari.


  • Birds of East Africa (2nd Edition) – Terry Stevenson & John Fanshawe (Android & iOS smartphone app also available)
  • Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania – Dale Zimmerman, Ron Pearson, Don Turner
  • Merlin Bird ID (free smartphone app published by Cornell University)
  • Birds of Africa (free smartphone app published by the African Bird Club)
  • Birds of Africa South of the Sahara – Peter Ryan & Ian Sinclair
  • Beat About the Bush: Birds – Trevor Carnaby
  • Birds: The Inside Story – Rael & Helene Loon
  • Birds of Prey of Africa and its Islands – Megan and Alan Kemp


  • Kingdon Guide to African Mammals (2nd Edition) – Jonathan Kingdon (Android & iOS Smartphone app also available)
  • Field Guide to the Mammals of Africa – Chris and Mathilde Stuart (Android & iOS Smartphone app also available)
  • The Behaviour Guide to African Mammals - Richard D. Estes
  • Safari Companion –Richard D. Estes
  • Wild Ways – Peter Apps
  • Beat About the Bush: Mammals – Trevor Carnaby
  • Understanding Elephants: Guidelines for safe & enjoyable elephant viewing


  • Common Trees and Shrubs of East Africa (3rd Edition) – Najma Dharani
  • Kenya Trees, Shrubs, & Lianas – Henk Beentje (out of print, but best book if you can find it)
  • Trees of Kenya – Tim Noad & Anne Birnie
  • Wildflowers of Kenya & Northern Tanzania – Anne Powys
  • Wayside Flowers – Theresa Sapieha
  • Acacias of East Africa – Najma Dharani
  • Medicinal Plants of East Africa – Najma Dharani & Abiy Yenesew


  • Insects of East Africa Pocket Guide – Dino Martins (Discounted at KPSGA Office)
  • Butterflies of East Africa Pocket Guide – Dino Martins & Steve Collins (Discounted at KPSGA Office)
  • Invertebrates of Southern Africa and their Tracks & Signs – Lee Gutteridge
  • Spiders of Southern Africa – Astri and John Leroy
  • Filmer’s Spiders of Southern Africa – Norman Larsen & Martin Filmer
  • Insects of Southern Africa – Mike Picker, Alan Weaving, Charles Griffith
  • Butterflies of Southern Africa – Steve Woodhall
  • Insectlopedia: The secret world of southern African insects - Erik Holm

Reptiles & Amphibians

  • Field Guide to East African Reptiles – Stephen Spawls et. Al
  • The Amphibians of Kenya – Stephen Spawls, et. Al (discounted at KPSGA Office)
  • Field Guide to the Frogs & Other Amphibians of Africa – Alan Channing & Mark-Oliver Rodel

Tracks & Signs

  • Field Guide to the Animal Tracks of Southern Africa – Louis Liebenberg (available free online HERE)
  • Photographic Guide to Tracks and Tracking in Southern Africa – Louis Liebenberg
  • Mammals of Southern Africa and their Tracks & Signs – Lee Gutteridge
  • Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central & East African Wildlife – Chris & Tilde Stuart
  • Tracker Manual – Alex Van Den Heever, Karel Benadie, Renias Mhlongo


  • Wildlife Conservation And Tourism in Kenya – Daniel M. Nyeki
  • The Wildlife (Conservation and Management) Act, Chapter 376, including all amendments
  • 50 Years of Challenge & Achievement – The National Parks of Kenya (KWS)
  • The Guide’s Guide To Guiding – Garth Thompson
  • The Origins of Humanity in Africa - Emma Mbua (available at Kenya Museum Society)
  • Laikipia Natural History Guide
  • Nairobi National Park guide (Booklet available from KWS Giftshop at KWS HQ)