Sponsor Profile: Royal African Safaris


P.O. Box 24397, OO502 Karen,
Nairobi, KENYA

Telephone: + 254 20 577018
Fax: + 254 20 564945
Email: Petrina@royalafrican.com
Website: http://www.royalafricansafaris.com/

Sponsor Profile: Cottars 1920'S Camp


Telephone: +254 733773377
Email: info@cottarsafaris.com
Website: http://www.cottars.com/

Sponsor Profile: Saruni Camp


Sponsor Profile: Cheli & Peacock


P.O. Box 743 00517 Uhuru Gardens,

Telephone: +[254] 0 20 6004053/4 / +[254] 0 733-490234
Fax: +[254] 0 20 6004050
Email: info@chelipeacock.co.ke
Website: http://www.chelipeacock.com/

Sponsor Profile: Southern Cross Safaris - Mombasa


P.O. Box 90653, Mombasa, Kenya.

Telephone: 254 (0)41 475074/5/6 or 471948/60/71
Fax: 254 (0)41 473533 0r 471257
Email: sales@southerncrosssafaris.com
Website: http://www.southerncrosssafaris.com/

Sponsor Profile: Gamewatchers Safaris


Gamewatchers Safaris has been operating in Kenya for over 15 years and offers a range of safaris to some of the best wildlife reserves and parks in Africa. The emphasis is on the more personal and exclusive smaller safari camps, use of 4×4 safari vehicles for game drives in preference to vans, and the option of air transfers as an alternative to driving by road between the parks.

P.O. Box 388-00621, Village Market,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone: 254 (0)20 7123129 / 7122504 / 7121851
Fax: 254 (0)20 7120864
Email: sales@gamewatchers.co.ke
Website: http://www.porini.com/


A leading domestic airline in safari connections. Your wings to the wild

SafariLink Aviation,
Wilson Airport , ALS Building
P.O. Box 41937, Nairobi, 00100

Telephone: +254 20 6000777/6000787
Fax: +254 20 6000039
Email: res@flysafarilink.com
Website: http://www.flysafarilink.com/

Sponsor Profile: Kicheche Camp


Sponsor Profile: Onsafari Kenya

OnSafari Kenya Ltd is a highly personalised safari company owned and operated by Anthony Cheffings. These safaris offer a high quality experience in combinations of private mobile camps and exclusive lodges. This is Safari in Style.

Onsafari (K) Ltd

P.O. Box 42562 Nairobi, 00100, Kenya Tel (office): +254(0)715614796 Telephone: +254(0)722525870
Email: anthony@onsafarikenya.com
Website: http://www.onsafarikenya.com/

Sponsor Profile: Africa House Safaris


P.O BOX 1751
PC 00502

Telephone: 0722-512588/ 0722411206
Email: david@africahousesafaris.com
Website: http://www.africahousesafaris.com/

Sponsor Profile: Lowis & Leakey Safaris

Lowis & Leakey is a dynamic African safari company founded by Ninian Lowis and his wife Lara Leakey. Ninian is a professional guide who has over 22 years of experience leading safaris throughout Africa. We offer custom-designed itineraries and run our own ground operations, ensuring guests are well looked after throughout their safari. Our portfolio includes a mobile camping unit and safari crew based in Kenya, as well as favourite small camps and lodges that we feel offer authentic safari experiences.

P.O BOX 15180 PC 00509

Telephone: +254-706112976
Email: inquiries@lowisandleakey.com
Website: http://www.lowisandleakey.com/

Sponsor Profile: 中非旅游公司 Sino-Africa Safari Co., Ltd

中非旅游公司(SINO-AFRICA SAFARI CO LTD)成立于2006年,是肯尼亚最大规模的华人地接社之一。中非旅游公司是经肯尼亚共和国政府和坦桑尼亚国政府批准组建的专门从事中肯,中坦两国旅游观光、经贸咨询、人员培训、国际交流等的东非唯一一家跨国(坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚)的以接待中国旅游客人为主的综合性旅游服务公司。在坦桑尼亚的达累斯萨拉姆和阿鲁沙以及肯尼亚的内罗毕等地都有我们公司直属的接待办公室。我们公司不仅可以根据客户的要求安排坦桑尼亚或者肯尼亚一国旅游,而且可以安排坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚二国全程个性化服务的跨国旅游。我们公司在坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚有一批高素质,精通业务和工作认真的专业中文导游。每年接待大量国内来的旅游团体和散客。我们以合理的价格和优质的服务赢的了所有客人的肯定及来自各界的高度评价。

中非旅行社有着丰富的肯尼亚、坦桑尼亚接待操作经验,参与过2011-2016 CCTV大型现场直播活动-<东非动物大迁徙>以及纪录片<魅力肯尼亚>的拍摄。经过多年的经营,目前中非旅行社已经与国内携程旅游网,同程旅游网,途牛旅行网,上海中旅,青旅,春秋,浙江省中青旅等大型旅行社建立了长期合作关系。

Nairobi Office
P.O. Box 25435 00603, Nairobi, Kenya.
Phone: +254-20-2162222
Email: reservations-sinoafricasafari@hotmail.com,
Website: http://www.sino-africa.com/, http://www.sinoafricasafari.com/

联系人: 姜天鸿
电话: +86-137-7172-1885
QQ: 9128447
电子邮箱: deo.jiang@gmail.com, 9128447@qq.com
公司网站: http://www.sino-africa.com/, http://www.sinoafricasafari.com/
地址: 苏州市工业园区雅戈尔国际中心604

Sponsor Profile: Natural World Kenya Safaris


Since year 2002 – Natural World Kenya Safaris has been offering value for money Kenya safari tour packages.
Our safari tours depart from Nairobi ( Kenya capital city ) and the Kenya Coast beach resorts of Mombasa , Diani , Malindi , Kilifi and Watamu.

Nairobi Office
Pioneer House, 1st Floor – Room 101, Kenyatta Avenue Next to I&M Building.
P.O Box 5036 00200 Nairobi
Tel: +254 202 216 830
Cell: +254 720 894 288 / +254 720 367 334
+254 720 894 288 (24 hours)

Mombasa Office
Jeneby House, Opposite Housing Finance, Moi Avenue.
P. O. Box 89946 Mombasa
Tel: +254 41 2226715
Cell: +254 720 894 288 (24-hours)
Skype: Natural.World1
Website : www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com
E-mail Contact : info@naturaltoursandsafaris.com

Telephone: +254 720 894 288 / +254 720 367 334
Email: info@naturaltoursandsafaris.com
Website: http://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/

Sponsor Profile: Origins Safaris


A family-run business, operating escorted, special-interest safaris throughout the East African region for the last half century. We travel by custom-built, four-wheel-drive vehicles, on foot, boat and light aircraft. Our guides will strive to interpret their Africa in the context of your special interests.

P.O. Box 48019 Nairobi,
Kenya 00100 (mailing)
5 th Floor Landmark Plaza,
Argwings Kodhek Road (physical)

Telephone: 254-20-2710171-2 / 2042695-7
Fax: 254-20-2710178 / 2042698
Email: info@originsafaris.info
Website: http://www.originsafaris.info/

Sponsor Profile: The Tamarind Group

The Tamarind Group

The Tamarind Group of companies has designed, built and now operates the three best restaurants in Kenya. The Mombasa Tamarind and the Nairobi Tamarind are unrivalled as seafood restaurants. The Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi is an exciting and unique concept.

P.O. Box 74493, Nairobi, Kenya 00200

Telephone: 254 (0)20 2728090 / 2728091
Fax: 254 (0)20 2724209
Email: tamarind@tamarind.co.ke
Website: http://www.tamarind.co.ke/
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