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Fredrick was born in 1981 in the Western parts of Kenya. He went to Bungoma high school after his primary school. Later on, he joined Wildlife Clubs of Kenya where he persued his Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration. He has worked as a naturalist at Satao Rock Camp, Satao Elerai, Haller Park and the Nairobi Safari Walk. He is currently a KPSGA Silver member working for Southern Cross Safaris Mombasa as one of their lead safari guides. He has undergone various trainings in line with his guiding duties among them being ; refresher courses at Kenya Utalii College, a month’s training with FUGASA-conducted by South African guides association and also some First Aid Courses with Red Cross and ST. John’s Ambulance. Fred has vast interest in flora and fauna with bird life topping his favourites . His undying love for nature has seen him grow up as one of the leading guides in the country. His favourite parks include the sceneries of Aberdares, Maasai Mara, Mt. Kenya, L.Nakuru, not forgetting the Kakamega forest just to name a few. When not guiding, Fred cannot wait to get into the rugby pitch as he loves the game.