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Camilla Frasca Caccia was born in Urbino, Italy, in 1975 and grew up in Italy where she spent most of her spare time in horse riding and camping. Camilla's academic background is at Urbino’s University where she received her Masters degree in Chemistry. A traveller for passion she finally came to Kenya where she was filled with enthusiasm for the bush and she started to go on safari till she decided to relocate to Kenya in 1998. Camilla became involved in the safari business in 1999, she run a small mobile safari camp on the edge of Tsavo East and she attained her Bronze Level certificate from the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA).After working as a freelance safari guide for some Italian tour operators she realized that the idea of safari that was offered to the italian tourism was really different from her idea of eco-friendly and real “old style” safari, so she decided to open and ran her own safari company, Bush Company, leading tailor-made, eco-friendly and professional guided safaris in Kenya. She specialised in safari at Tsavo, Chulyu Hills and Amboseli and after three years she sat for her Silver Level and passed. As a KPSGA silver level safari guide, her main goal is to share her knowledge in animal behaviour with her guests and educate them on understanding the bush, wildlife and also conservation, this set Bush Company apart from other Italian tour operators. When not out on safari with guests she spends much of her leisure time on safari or reading about her deep interest in wildlife and its conservation. Her safari company, Bush Company, is specifically designed to provide personally guided safaris, with tailor-made itineraries to take advantage of the less beaten track and the less touristic spot on the wild. Being on safari with Camilla, you will enjoy and benefit from his enthusiasm and knowledge of the African bush, the wildlife, trees and plants and, especially, his love of animal behaviour and wildlife photograpy. Over the years she has built up a faithful clientele of guests, many of them returning year after year, and leading to many friendship. Her wide interests include mammalian life, bird life, plants, history, culture and she is fond of wildlife photography. She loves exploring the wilderness with guests and she is famous for her personal care and attention to the guests and also for her “italian coffee-break” in her favourite wild corners! She is actually obtaining her Master degree in “Ecology of Climate Change” at Urbino University.