Address: 743 00517 - Uhuru Gardens Telephone: 0720-584677/ 0736-147021

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I was born and grew up on the vast Great Rift Valley where there was abundance of Wildlife and beautiful sceneries of Land scapes.

I'm an Alumni of the prestigious Moi University where I studied Tourism and Wildlife Management.

My love with Nature started while still a Young kid when I was exploring the Bush, this resulted in a deep affinity with Nature,Flora and Fauna. for the Love and passion in it, a month could not go without planting some indigenous seedlings or rescuing trapped Bird's or small game in Scares.

Kenya is Synonymous with Safaris for decades and has an incredible diversity of landscapes, Birds, Mammals and Culture's which I have it in my Heart and am always ready to teach and share all that knowledge and experience with my Clientele for that is my PASSION.

My Career has Included Guiding , Leading and Hosting big groups, Family tailor made Safari's, Bushcraft and survivor techniques, Bushwalk safari, Birdwatching expeditions, Conservation work, community projects, Mammal Counts.. Wildlife  Photographing and Filming projects.

Because of my Avid interest in Conservation and guiding..I have been recommended by some of the best travel and tours companies to lead their clients on East Africa Safari. I have been voted on several  occasions as the Best Top  Guides in Kenya..

I have worked with some Wildlife renowned photograhers, travel guide magazines and Conservation enthusiasts.

My life time of accumulated knowledge and exposure makes any safari with me a memorable experience that will exceed your expectations.

" His dedication , professionalism and love of nature with prioritisation the Safety of the Guests and Animals makes Him an informative entertaining guide.The Combination of His flexible and easy _ going disposition and Natural affinity with Children has earned Him a reputation as the ideal Family guide"  as qouted from one on guests comments cards.

My favorite Animal is the Cheetah and favorite Bird is the Secretary Bird.