KPSGA Membership Levels

KPSGA membership is categorised into the levels below:
  • Gold-Level Guides
    Established Gold-Level guides with the KPSGA can be considered as the best guides currently in Kenya as they have the most experience in guiding through the KPSGA system and are the ultimate best professional and knowlegable guides in the country.
  • Silver-Level Guides
    This guide knows more than the basics and would have been guiding for more than three years as a Bronze-Level guide. To attain this level the guide was tested on the nitty gritties of all wildlife subjects and now has a wider more scientific knowledge on all subjects, such as mammals, ornithology, botany, reptiles etc..
  • Bronze-Level Guides
    The Bronze-Level guide has the basic knowledge of guiding and the different wildlife subjects. Any professional guide guiding in the tourism industry in Kenya should have attained this minimum level.
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