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I would like to provie you with the information necessary to update your silver guides web page. Since last year, saruni is emplyoing two silver members of KPSGA: William ole Santian and Philip Keter. Can you please update the name of their employers? It should now erad Saruni.
Also, please find here William’s profile, in order to create a web page with his profile, as you have done for other guides. Also find attasched a ptohograph of William.
Riccardo Orizio
Manager and owner

William ole Santian

William was born around 1978 in the Aitong district of the Mara. He is married and has recently become a father to a baby boy, Sammy.

Charismatic, great fun to be with, very articulate and passionate
story-teller, William’s childhood ambition was to be a Naturalist. He started his career in tourism as a night watchman in one of the camps in the Masai Mara. He quickly realised that by becoming a guide this would enable him to fulfil his dream, so in 1999 he pushed to become a game tracker and then a guide. In 2001 he gained his Bronze level qualification from the Kenyan Professional Safari Guide Association KPSGA). Two and half years later, William’s great passion for animals, but also for trees, flowers, butterflies, birds (and snakes) enabled him to become one of the only two Maasai to gain the coveted “silver badge”
qualification from KPSGA.

William joined Saruni in June 2005 and has been a welcomed addition to Saruni’s guiding team. Not only does he enjoy educating the guests with information about fauna and the Mara’s ecosystem, but he also enjoys teaching guests about the traditions of his culture and about Maasai life. William’s favourite aspect of guiding is Kenya’s flora. He can name all of the local trees in the Mara in English, Latin and Ki Maa.
His knowledge and his wild stories about guiding keep all of the guests entertained at Saruni, whether it’s as their guide or around the dinner table.

Riccardo Orizio
Saruni – Masai Mara – Kenya

Saruni is a member of the Ecotourism Society of Kenya ( and has been awarded the Bronze rating for sustainable tourism


24201-00502 KAREN

Telephone: 0720-323701

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