Guide Profile: Zarek Cockar


I’m a 4th generation Kenyan, and have grown up with a great appreciation for Kenya’s wild places and natural history through safaris and camping trips with family and friends from a very young age. When I was 11, I joined my primary School’s Bird-Watching club, and I’ve been birding ever since. I have nurtured a passion for the smaller aspects of life away from the “big 5” norm; birds, spiders, insects, and frogs interest me far more than a sleepy lion under a tree. I particularly enjoy walking safaris much more than traditional game-drives as I can see much greater detail and I feel much more aware of my surroundings while on foot. When I am not guiding or working on bookings, I am happy to pack a tent in my car and head off on my own to learn the plants, birds, and arthropods in a new, remote, unexplored part of Kenya
Over the years, I’ve undergone wildlife management and guide training in both Kenya and South Africa, and I’m now a KPSGA Gold Guide and a FGASA Level 2 Back-up Trails Guide.


541-00217 LIMURU

Telephone: 0735-046262

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